With a rich experience of 16 years in inspection services and the additional benefit of the construction background, Arrowpoint Home Inspections is one of the renowned names when it comes to home inspection services in Chandler.

The team of home inspectors is licensed and certified from AZBTR. We offer inspection services for buyer inspections and pre-listing seller inspection in Chandler. Honesty is the key to our services thus providing you the facts, good, bad, or ugly, about the condition of the home that you ask us to inspect.

Our inspectors recommend and suggest that you must accompany the home inspection while the inspection is being performed. This will not only give you the option of asking the questions that you might come up with, it will also be helpful and sensible when you relate it with our report later.

Get In Touch With Us For Home Inspection, Chandler

For an unbiased, thorough inspection of your prospective home, get in touch with Arrowpoint Home Inspections at Chandler. We provide reliable, honest and forthright reports about the condition, age and performance of the home. Our easy to read and understand reports has helped our customers to make an informed decision about one of the biggest investments they have made.

If you plan to sell your current property, it is always good to know about the same in detail. Getting the per-listing seller inspection will help you price your home realistically based on the inspection reports. The experienced and certified inspectors will let you know the possible corrections you can make to get the better value of your property before you list it in the market.

For all kinds of certified and home inspection services, get in touch with us for inspection at Chandler. The reviews from our existing customers are the testimonials of the best-in-class service that we provide at Arrowpoint Home Inspections.

Affordable Home Inspections By Professionals In Chandler

People avoid getting the home inspection performed to save on cost considering it is an additional cost one will have to bear while investing a huge amount in buying the home. On the contrary, it is the most cost-effective decision that helps you make an informed decision.

By getting the home inspection done, you can eventually save on huge repair costs and prevent yourself from later hassles. Based on the inspection report, you can negotiate well and be confident before finalizing the deal.

By knowing the actual condition, you end up saving much more than the negligible amount you pay us for inspection services. Arrowpoint Home Inspection provides home inspection services by professionals at the most competitive and affordable prices in Chandler.

Detailed & Flexible Inspection Scheduling

At Arrowpoint Home Inspections, we understand that the customers have a busy schedule. Our home inspectors will accommodate the max as per your calendar schedule. We can even stretch ourselves and provide the services on the same day if you give us a call in the morning and one of our inspectors can visit your home in the second half of the day.

Being flexible does not provide us the leverage of not performing the inspection thoroughly. Customer satisfaction and a reliable report is what we aim at while providing our services. Though we encourage our customers to accompany us at the time of inspection and answer all the queries in person, we provide a detailed report that is easy to read and understand and act as an important reference for making an important decision in an informed manner.


A thorough inspection from a qualified and certified home inspector from a licensed company can help you know the actual condition of the home thus saving you from later hassles of huge repairs. Knowing the exact condition will help you in making an informed decision and better negotiating the final deal. The cost of inspection services is negligible by letting the realistic value of the property.

A thorough home inspection will reveal the problems related to improper electrical wirings, poor drainage systems, termite infestation, issues in plumbing, air conditioning, heating conditions etc.